America: Home of the Brave and the Land For A Crotch Grabbing President.

The Birth of the New Republican Nationalist Party.

The result of Obama bashing for the past eight years,Pubs putting their agenda ahead of the needs of the American people and not doing their job, broken promises,shutting down the government, trying to repeal Obamacare a million times and an ideology based on discrimination and fear has resulted in the GOP birthing their brand new baby in Donald J Trump. Another fringe out of control lunatic with buy in from half of America.This was supported by the propaganda cycle of fear and hate spread in heavy doses by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh,Right Wing media,Alt Right,the Klan,FBI,WIikileaks,Russia and a cast of inner circle extremist.These unruly seeds were planted as soon as President Obama was sworn into office. DJT ran a campaign based on total misinformation,fact bending on steroids,racism, xenophobia, lies,corruption, nuclear proliferation, war crimes, insulting allies supporting enemies and a plea to the Heartland to rise up. And with this, he was elected President of the Un-United States of America. Now our country’s great divide has gotten even wider. The rules of common decency have been broken and thrown away. And that does not sit well with the other half of the American population.Who by the way will be on the right side of history. A transition team is being put in place and the laws of the land are about to change.With every stroke of the repeal pen will come more resistance. DJT Presidency will result in another movement that will be larger than the T heads. How they act will depend on how the new President acts.I just hope he doesn’t radicalize the good person who lives next door. If that happens all hell will break loose.Homegrown terrorist with no affiliation with the Islamic State is something we can do with out. As we approach this brave new world be wise about your actions and decisions.I say this because these are unchartered waters and it can get uglier quick. 


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