Another shooting and death of an African American by law enforcement caught on a cell phone. The outcome will most likely be the acquittal of those involved.We’re under attack plain and simple with no justice on the landscape.

I have to turn to the impassioned speech given by Jessie Williams.One of the take away was this: “So what’s going to happen is we are going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours.”
These words stuck with me since our fight against domestic terrorism goes back to the lynching of Black folks in the 1800s. The next generation of public executions is what we’re witnessing now thanks to the technology of the smart phone.Since the DNA of killing innocent people of color is ingrained in the perpetrators, it won’t be anytime soon that they will back off the hunt.The restructure must come on taking away their weapons of mass destruction and replacing them with a nonlethal arsenal anda re-write on rules of engagement. The next step is to replace the local prosecutors with an independent prosecutor with no allegiance to local law enforcement.Their recommendation goes to a multiracial judicial review board for approval.First step in keeping people from being killed and another shot on equal justice.if these things do not fall in place then our restructure will be the new civil rights movement for the 21st Century.We must stay clear of declaring war on one another and continue to seek chang by any peaceful means necessary.

#fighting terrorism since the 1800s


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