Big Ball of Confusion 

This political season has all of the political talkers in a state of confusion.They’re pivoting on stories better than any all star cast of political flip floppers.Yes,they are in uncharted waters and the performance thus far has their political analysis boat sinking. They started by saying the Big D was going to tank. Then on another day it’s going to be a contested convention,the next day the math just doesn’t add up,the next, Bernie has no chance and it goes on and on. All based on the old school formula of predicting political outcomes. Five to ten years from now,as you playback these wonderful claims of brilliance, these story tellers will come off as being backwards and somewhat moronic. Similar to the way people now and will view the House and Senate of this era.
Just like the Doppler radar weather people calling for a direct hit and the big storm misses by a landslide,the political experts of the universe follow suit and get paid for getting it wrong. Just like the House and Senate.Only the people reporting work for a living and those in the House and Senate get paid not to govern or work.

It really is a clear cut and easy prediction if you use the correct formula. Starting with the gang on the Republican clown car vying to be the next President of the United Sates. Never had a chance. A big waste of time and money. Why you say. Because the righties want someone that can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. They all talk the same smack as the people currently holding office.That has sent righty into orbit. They don’t like the Republicans currently holding office and the Big D is not shy in saying they all are stupid.That makes the Big D the candidate who will crack the Grand Old Parties montra of stay in office and screw the well being of the nation for the sake of being reelected. This break down disturbs the conventional way of thinking. Minus any major meltdowns the Big D becomes the nominee for the Republicans.

Now to the left. A microcosim of the general election. You see the Bern can only pull the states that lack diversity. States with no or few African Americans or Latinos. His days were numbered right out of the gate.Sure he pulled large crowds but his gatherings looked like a Republican National Convention. So B has to take this one on the chin for not attracting the voters who could have put him over the top. I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time because the Bern character helped to spread some very good talking points.It was a big waste of money. Sorry,but the Bern got burned.The end result is Hillary vs the Big D for the Presidency of the United States of America. Hillary kills it because the African American, Latino and woman voters catipult her into office. The Big D gets a large dose of the Bern syndrome. 

The political talkers will eventually rally around the changing demographic making the difference and try to save face from getting it all wrong.In the meantime the GOP is starting to break up into bits and pieces while the hanger ons shout Vote for Me on the platform of let’s do nothing. Everyone should come out of this with a better insight on the future of politics. As we move forward into the future a majority of Americans will move to embrace the need to deal with climate change,women’s rights,equal pay,immigration reform, fighting terrorism, employment,support for the middle class, gun control,LBGT rights and all the rest of the change that comes with moving into the future. This is the new Frontier and if you can’t accept change you’re going to be left behind.When that day arrives let me peak over my shoulder to see what righty is up too.Go figure.Still trying to repeal Obamacare!


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