Poor baby—Rush Limbaugh’s got his panties in twist over ‘The Brainwashing Of My Dad’ documentary


Mar 19, 2016 6:30pm EDT by Leslie SalzilloWhen conservative shock-jock Rush Limbaugh attacks someone, he’s actually paying them a compliment. He’s telling the world this is a person worth knowing. This is a person who possesses what he lacks — credibility and integrity. Such was the case during his Friday show when Limbaugh went on a rampage about the award-winning filmmaker, activist, and director Jen Senko regarding her new documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad. The film is premiering in a number of major cities this week including NYC and Los Angeles. It’s premise is to expose the ongoing distortion and corruption created by the right wing ‘hate media’ in order to manipulate the public. And it’s been going on for decades. Here is a synopsis about the film followed by the movie trailer. 
Right-wing cable news and “conservative” talk radio attract older Americans like graying moths to an angry flame. But why would someone who was either apolitical or a Democrat in younger days become addicted to conservative talk shows in their twilight years?
Filmmaker Jen Senko wondered how her WWII veteran and Kennedy Democrat father had been transformed into a Fox News fanatic, suddenly and inexplicably railing against minorities, homosexuals, poor people, and Democrats. Using her dad as an entertaining example, Senko pulls back the curtain to expose the tools and tricks of the wizards behind the right-wing media revolution. And in discovering what happened to him, Senko reveals the all-too-chilling bigger picture of what’s happening behind-the-scenes to influence our national discourse. 

Visit the The Brainwashing of My Dad website for more information.
In his hissy fit, Rush Limbaugh goes to the moon and back using Senko’s film to attack liberals and liberal media. Kind of like a bratty, “I know you are, but what am I?” 
In the beginning, Limbaugh’s ego can’t resist telling “folks” that the documentary is about him (it’s not) and how ghastly it is for someone to make a film slamming their own father. He clearly doesn’t understand the film. He’s the type that would fast-forwarded to find clips about himself, not paying attention to anything/anyone else. Having nothing of substance to say, Limbaugh reaches deep into his bag of bullshit. Here are some excerpts from his vapid rant. 
“Every day we are faced with multiple crises presented to us by the Drive-By Media (liberal media), either our latest favorite phone is gonna give us cancer, our latest, greatest food is gonna cause us to gain weight and die of a heart attack. Our latest, greatest beverage is going to give us diabetes. Our automobiles are gonna wipe us out! Fracking is going to destroy the planet. Miami Beach will be underwater in two years because we have done nothing about global warming! Every day, there are multiple crises, and yet we are being held responsible and accountable here for that.” 
“Every time they (Republicans) successfully characterized their (Democratic) opponent as a raging, lunatic leftist, they won. Well, not every time, but, it was frequent. These people are sick. They are dangerous. They are closed-minded. They are not the tolerant, open-minded, loving, harmless people they want us to believe. They’re the architects of political correctness. They’re the architects of censorship. They are the ones that want to take your constitutional rights away from you.” 
“They are the ones that want to make you an economic serf dependent on them for your day-to-day living. They are the ones who hold you in contempt. They’re the ones who think you do not have the capability, the competence, the ambition to succeed on your own without them. They’re the ones that call you racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. They’re the ones that create race wars in this country. They are the ones that create economic division. They specialize in creating division. The American left, liberalism, the Democrat Party.   
Yada, yada yada. Bad Liberals! Waaa, says the asshat. Poor thing got called out on his game. All of right wing media got called out in this fascinating film. Cheers to Jen Senko and the film’s team and supporters for exposing one of this country’s most the odious and dangerous propaganda press machines. The Brainwashing of My Dad is a brilliantly informative movie well worth seeing. It’s playing in a group of theaters this week around the country. You can also find it via iTunes. For more information, visit the The Brainwashing of My Dad. Some of Jen Senko’s interviews from the film are posted on her YouTube channel.


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