Fundamental Breakdown of Understanding the English Language 

There seems to be a language barrier when the President says things. In his State of the Union address he mentioned the following:

-Nearly 15 million new jobs and the unemployment rate being cut in half.

-Equality for all Americans.

-Cutting pollution levels.

-A good education for our children.

-Fighting terrorism.

-The idea that America is the strongest nation on earth.

-Avoiding war.

-Peaceful planet for Our Kids.

-America is made up of Immigrants

-Protecting Our Kids From Gun Violence

-Equal Pay. 

-Fix a broken immigration system 

-Insulting Muslims is wrong

-Could not fix the great divide between the two parties 

-Making it easier to vote.

-Curing cancer! 

These are good things for most who have a handle the English language.There’s a short circuit for others who heard the President’s words.

Obama’s State of the Union ‘degrades the presidency’. Speaker of the House

An Exercise In Fantasy And Delusion.Ted Cruz
The State Of The Union speech was one of the most boring, rambling and non-substantive I have heard in a long time. New leadership fast! Donald Trump
‘This president has been the single most divisive figure’ Marco Rubio

‘For Americans climate change is as low on the list as you can go’. Fox News

There you have it.The new English interpretation of common sense.For me and most Americans this interpretation is a foreign language.My suggestion is try another planet because their processing functions and actions will destroy this one.


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