America 2.0 and Beyond

America is once again going through some serious growing pains.While most are consumed with the economy,making money,staying alive,getting a good education,serving time,the political landscape,climate change and the sad state of affairs with police shootings,shootings,drugs,wars,immigration and much much more; they are not paying attention to the advancement of time.Living in the now and looking at the past is a basic human instinct.Some relish the thought of putting on the breaks,maintaining the status quo or jumping back to the days they can comprehend.With the advancement of time that all becomes history.When reading history,you sometimes see the thought process and people as being backwards,out dated or old fashioned.Only a select few were ahead of thier time.America moving into 2.0 and beyond out distances some of the current inhabitants’ visions and ideologies.If you’re grappling with the rights of the human body,how are you going to handle artificial intelligence or the ability to alter your age,memory and body parts.If you want to keep things the way they are.How will you handle a self driving car or having a choice to live somewhere other than Earth.If a Gun is part of your DNA you’re rendered obsolete with introduction of laser weaponry.With laws that are rigid and astronomical high prices for your weapon of choice, Joe Gun Pack is kicked to the curb.The elite weapons are possed by the armed services,law enforcement,special ops and security agents.Punishment for illegal weapons results in jail sentences that make Mandatory Minimums look like a walk in the park.As time advances guns,bullets,parts,manufacturer slip into darkness.The NRA will then stand for No Real Ammunition.Mass shootings will be something that once happened a long time ago.The way we now look at shootouts in Westerns.Perps approaching a school,place of business or house of worship and shopping malls,will be met with a White House type of perimeter barrier. Before entry,a full body scan of your body is taken right down to the bone.If you don’t pass go,you’ll see laser dots all across your body.Two options,stand down and surrender or face the way not to go out.Drones and street based detection create a city wide layer of protection that bring crime rates to all time low.The fight on immigration turns to the fight on automation. The big A becomes the real job killer. Changing your skill set becomes an everyday occurrence.The Internet of Things takes a dose of steroids making connecting to everything a light year bounce beyond current expectations.All in all America becomes an even better,safer place for those willing to adapt to change.However, things will go South quickly when those with anti-American sentiments get a hold of our Artificial Intelligence.This will put us in a darkness that no one has ever seen. The time is ticking, America is headed smack dab into the future,so be ready because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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