Bad Cops are Afraid of Black People 

Another senseless death of another unarmed Black person. Samuel DuBose committed the crime, driving while Black and it ended in his death. If a Black person is stopped by a white police officer, you must come to terms with:
1. You’re going be seen and treated as a dangerous criminal

2. Thought to be carrying a gun

3. You have no rights

4. Following the officer’s instructions can play into their fear that Black people are not human beings and are out to kill them. Go into Matrix motion and pray.

5. You’re in a life threatening situation 

6. Kill shots are their response of choice 

7. Your language must turn into that of the yes masah slave plantation Negro. This will help the superiority and hate fluids spewing through their veins to subside and reduce the tension. Your slave mannerisms cause a Xanex effect to this person of mass destruction’s small brain.

People can try to spin this in a way the victims are always at fault.

The facts are, the ones that have signed up to serve and protect are violent hunters that kill Black people like they’re an animal. Actually, the response to Cecil the Lion’s murderer puts Mr. DuBose in a category where the value of his life is less than an animal.Another chapter in the new American terrorist


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