The Flag and Racism 


The flag debate will rage on and on.

The pic says it all.The Civil War was a take down by the North now do the right thing and take that flag down so we can talk about the real debate.That debate is racism.It’s hard to come to terms with the topic when you don’t know what racism is.The execution of innocent BLack people from the 1800’s to today is racism brought on by racist people.

The way people disrespect President Obama is based on their dustain of having a Black person as President.Rooted in racism.

The conservative press portrayal of government takeovers,getting their country back and how we’re about to be devoured by immigrants is a breading ground for racism,hatred and domestic terrorism. You can’t see it if you don’t live it. Look at the ads used when companies want to show off their illustrious staffs.For the majority,you don’t see diversity.All rooted in racism.The movie meca of Hollywood,screams White’s only.Rooted in racism.Town lines that separate where Black and White people live.Rooted in racism.Voter suppression.Rooted in racism.We live it and see it while others don’t and remain clueless of what their own day to day actions represent.You can’t change or rewrite history.History has shown and will continue to show how racism permeates this society and how denial and not finding solutions will continue to hurt the fabric of America.


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