9th Wonder to release joint albums with Buckshot and Murs in November

9th Wonder to release joint albums with Buckshot and Murs in November

by Michell C. Clark, soulculture.co.uk
October 8th 2012

Legendary Hip Hop producer 9th Wonder announces that collaborative albums with both Buckshot and Murs are coming very soon. The Solution with Buckshot, and The Final Adventure Murs, will both see official release on November 13th through Jamla/Duck Down Records.

9th Wonder has teamed up with Murs on four albums since 2004, including Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition, Murray’s Revenge, Sweet Lord, and Fornever. 9th Wonder has also had two past collaborative efforts with Buckshot – Chemistry and The Formula.

9th describes New York native Buckshot as a very serious individual, and Murs as much goofier, noting that he’s created a unique sound for both emcees through his work with them in the past, but that both are respected by fans. Viewers can get a feel for the sense of comradery and respect that all three have for each other in the video below.

See Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYes6-2n6uw

Original Page: http://www.soulculture.co.uk/music-blog/9th-wonder-to-release-joint-albums-with-buckshot-and-murs-in-november/

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