RECAP: Nas & Damian Marley at Highline Ballroom

RECAP: Nas & Damian Marley at Highline Ballroom: “ Posted by: Deepa Shah


Dedication is Nas and Damian Marley’s Flag Man. As hip-hop legend and reggae royalty took over the Highline Ballroom stage last night in New York City, Flag Man waved the African flag nonstop for over two hours. He must have some killer arms…

Nas and Damian kicked off their set with ‘As We Enter’ from their collaborative new album Distant Relatives. The album’s core political message criticizing dysfunctional governments focused on Africa with songs like ‘Tribes At War’ and ‘Ancient People.’ The duo took a break from the new album after performing ‘Nah Mean’ to a rowdy crowd.



The thunderous screams got heavier as Nas graced the audience with some old school joints like ‘Represent’ and ‘Hip Hop Is Dead.’ DJ Green Lantern kept the crowd going as Nas went in on ‘If I Ruled The World.’ Ending his short solo set, Nas gave a shoutout to the great Guru from Gangstarr.


Damian joined the stage again as he and Nas ran through a few more new tracks all while the crowd bounced along. The swarm of people in front of the stage needed more Reggae and that’s exactly what Damian gave them. Performing solo, Damian sped through ‘More Justice’ and ‘Move!’ Even dipping into his father’s catalogue with ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘No More Trouble.’

Damian and Nas served up ‘Land Of Promise’ from Distant Relatives and ‘Welcome to Jamrock.’ Keeping their message central, Nas urged everyone to stand up against corrupt governments across the world. Closing out the show, Nas and Damian performed ‘Road to Zion’ and ‘Africa Must Wake Up.’ The African flag finally stopped mid-air; it was time for Flag Man to take a well-deserved break.

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