Search Engines Gone Wild

Google needs to watch out. The search engine business is opening up in a fun and hip way.
Enter Twine, a what’s happening at the moment search engine with social connectivity.You can go with search,news RSS, make connections,all based on the concept of a semantic web platform.
Hakia states from their site, that it is a general purpose “semantic” search engine, dedicated to quality search experience. To achieve this goal, their team aspires to establish a new standard of focus, clarity and credibility in Web search.
Kosmix is an engine that organizes the Internet into topic pages allowing you to check out the the Web by topic. It comes with a dashboard of videos, photos, news, commentary, opinion, communities and tons of links to related topics
If you want to find out what’s going on the web in real time then you need to try out
Tweetmeme also gives you the 411 on the web in real time
Launching in May will be another called Wolfram Alpha
A couple of the non- traditional engines are still out there in Cuil, Searchme,Cooliris and some more traditional in Dogpile and Polycola.
Have a good search and stay connected.


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